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2023 FHA Home Loan Limits

Great news if buying a home in 2023 is on your list of goals, FHA Home Loan Limits increase to $472,030!! That’s an increase in $51,350 in purchase power. FHA home loans are one of my favorites and great for first time homebuyers or clients with less than perfect credit. You can get into an […]

2023 Conventional Home Loan Limits 2023 Conventional home loan limits jump up to $715,000! Take advantage of these new loan limits now and additional purchase power. First time homebuyers can take advantage of these loans and get into homes with as little as 3% down. To schedule your free homebuying consult Ryan Mandley Loan Officer 480-203-6263 NMLS […]

Rightsizing with a HECM for Purchase Mortgage

Rightsizing with a HECM for Purchase Mortgage Sharing client success stories.  Age 75, decided to downsize for several reasons.  The house he owned needed a lot of repair & maintenance including a pool that he no longer needed or used.  He was still working part time out of necessity and wanted to completely retire so […]

Is NOW the Time To Refinance Your Home?

Is NOW the Time To Refinance Your Home? Mortgage interest rates have recently seen the biggest dip in over a decade!  Is now the time for you to take advantage of these rates and refinance? The answer is that it really depends on your situation. Statistics are showing that over 4.5 million people may qualify […]