Is NOW the Time To Refinance Your Home?

Is NOW the Time To Refinance Your Home?

Mortgage interest rates have recently seen the biggest dip in over a decade!  Is now the time for you to take advantage of these rates and refinance? The answer is that it really depends on your situation.

Statistics are showing that over 4.5 million people may qualify for a 3/4% or more mortgage interest rate reduction. Instead of calling some advertisement you get in the mail, see online , or talk with a call center, schedule a free consultation with my team.  We will give you honest advise and let you know if it makes sense for you and your family. If not we will continue to work for you and monitor your rate and be in touch when it does make sense for you to refinance.

If your looking to pay off high interest credit card debt, lower your rate, or get cash out to buy more property we are happy to help.

Please visit me online , Call / Text 480-203-6263, or send me an email to schedule your free consolation.

Ryan Mandley
Sales Manager
Dream Home Funder – AFN, Inc
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