Importance of Client Reviews when obtaining a Home Mortgage

Importance of Client Reviews when obtaining a Home Mortgage

How important are Client Reviews when obtaining a Home Mortgage? If you’re like me you don’t do anything with out reading reviews. Every time I’m looking for vacation options, hotels, auto repair, healthcare services, dining options, even down to the small $10-$15 dollar Amazon purchases I’m reading a good amount of reviews before making a decision. So how come when you are looking to make one of the largest purchases of most peoples lives you don’t ask to see the reviews of your loan officer before making a decision? Pursuing a mortgage with an unprofessional or loan inexperienced loan officer could expose you to the following:

-Being told you don’t qualify for a home loan when you actually do

-Set yourself for a horrible home buying experience

-Not get your offer accepted in a competitive situation

-Possibility of losing your earnest deposit

-Not closing your loan on time

-Possibility of losing your dream home Have a look at the links below from what our clients are saying about the experiences with our team.……

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