Home Loans for Real Estate Investors – No Personal Income Needed

Attention Real Estate Investors!! No Personal income needed on a Debt Service Ratio Home Loan – DSCR Loan.

Highlights of these home loans:

  • Up to 80% Loan To Value on New Purchases
  • Up to 75% Cash out Refinance on existing investment property
  • No Limit to number of financed homes.
  • 30 year Fixed
  • 40 year Fixed
  • 30 year Interest Only
  • 40 year Interest Only
  • US Citizens
  • Permanent Resident Aliens
  • Non Permanent Resident Aliens
  • Down to a 620 FICO
  • Qualifying income based off average rents

To see how much you can qualify for or to take some cash out of your current real estate portfolio, go to https://dreamhomefunder.com/

Ryan Mandley

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