How to put your Home equity to work for you!

How to put your Home equity to work for you!

Congratulations you’ve purchase Real Estate at a great time and have built up some home equity. Now what? Just letting the equity you have in your home sit there will not accomplish anything. I’ve been counseling many of my clients on the options they have to put the equity in their homes to work for them.

If you’re carrying balances on high interest credit card debt that’s the first place that I would start. May of my clients also us the equity in their home to purchase more real estate. This can a great tool to use to start building your real estate portfolio with a second home or investment property. I recently read a statistic that said 33% of Millennial’s are still living at home with their parents. Many times this is due to the amount of student loan debt they are carrying after collage. You can help insure this doesn’t happen by using the equity in your home to help fund their collage. Does your home need some updating or home improvements? You can also do a cash out refinance to accomplish your home improvement goals. Starting a new business or have an existing one that needs funding? You can use the equity in your home to fund your business also.

Are you nervous that the market may turn after you take your cash out? If so we have equity protection insurance that can be added to your cash out refinance for a one time up front cost. This will protect you for 5 years for up to $200,000 or 20% what ever is less. Make sure to ask for AFN Protection plus during your free consultation.

To schedule a free consultation on how to use the equity in your home to your advantage go to my website , click on free tools, then Get Your FREE Refinance Analysis. You can always call / text me at 480-203-6263 or email me at

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