How to protect yourself against a Bubble Real Estate Housing Market

 How to protect yourself against a Bubble Real Estate Housing Market

Are we in a bubble housing market? If we are how can you protect yourself?  Worried that now is not the right time to buy a home and your rents continue to rise? I don’t personally believe that we are in a housing bubble.  In the majority of markets there are more buyers out there then there are homes available. We have been trending in a sellers market for some time now. If we see this change a bit we may move more towards a more balanced market.

For those that think we are in or approaching a bubble market can now protect themselves with AFN plus.  With AFN plus you can now protect your down payment equity up to 20% or $200,000 what ever is less.  All you have to do is request AFN plus at closing and we will include that one time fee in your closing costs. Do you own a home and have a lot of equity piling you that you would like to protect? AFN plus can do the same for you on a refinance. On a Cash out Refinance you can take out some of the equity in your home to pay off high interest credit card debt, student loans, do home improvements, take a vacation, where ever you like. Request AFN plus and we can get you the cash you need and put down payment protection in place to protect 20% equity or up to $200,000.  Please ask about AFN plus when you’re having your free consultation with my team.  Afn plus lasts for 5 years and kicks in after year 2. For more details on AFN plus and home equity and down payment protection visit us online at , call / text 480-203-6263, email

The Scottsdale and Phoenix Real estate markets are very hot, make sure to speak with a professional Real Estate Professional in any market. My team works with some of the biggest Realtors across the United States and would be happy to provide you with a quality referral.


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